Privacy Statement

Privacy Statement

Privacy Statement
Privacy Statement
Protection of personal data privacy on the Internet for the future success of online business and the Internet into the real economy is essential. TOMOS produced this "Privacy Policy" to demonstrate our commitment to the implementation of trusted secure Internet commerce, and protect personal privacy.

Agree to the terms
Through the website you agree to the collection and use of information. If we decide to change our privacy policy will be posted on this website, so you will always know the information we collect and use information.

Use of personal data and the purpose clause
We only get your permission before storing on the site related to personal information. For example, when you register or complete the survey, choose to allow us to publish information. TOMOS Group subsidiaries worldwide will use this information to process your requests and orders, or to help improve our products and services.

Only with your express permission or the current required by law, we will be with TOMOS Group share such information with third parties outside. Information is only used for the following purposes.

To ensure that the information on the TOMOS network privacy
As a multinational, TOMOS run a large number of sites in the world. You to our website in any country of any information provided, may be sent electronically to other web servers. We ensure that these TOMOS sites described in this statement to comply with international data protection standards, which on a global scale to protect your personal interests.

We hold our employees to comply with your privacy rights.

Online Security Policy
TOMOS use secure server technology to support secure online shopping, because we want your shopping experience easy and safe. TOMOS deployed on the site of the most advanced security operations and programs, so security was damaged.

Specify 1. What information we collect and why?
IP address
We use IP addresses to help troubleshoot, administer the site, and gather demographic information. When you visit our site, we look at your domain instead of e-mail address. Only when you complete the form or send us an e-mail in the form of an e-mail address, we will look at it.

We use cookies to provide personalized content, save your password in order to avoid duplication of input, track your shopping cart, and according to you and others use the site to customize the information we provide.

If you choose to register, we can send you the requested information or products, and other product information, news or promotions.

E-mail Address
If you choose to provide us with an email address, we will communicate with you via email. We will not disclose your e-mail address to TOMOS Group outside of the other party. You can always choose not to receive e-mail.

When you send an email to TOMOS, your information may be transferred automatically, depending on your e-mail application is set up.

If you choose to register third-party services, we will be certain information from your Registry sent to the relevant service provider, possibly including your e-mail address - but only requested can not otherwise provide services of next.

Shopping or Event Registration
Our website order form, you can request it by filling out the information, products and services. The order form will ask you to fill out personal financial information, such as specific banking information or credit card numbers. TOMOS commitment, your financial information only for specific transactions, billing and payment purposes.

Online Survey
Our survey may ask you demographic information, such as zip code, or their respective industries. If the online survey related to the contact, we can only get your explicit permission, be used to send you further information. You have the power to revoke any license.

2 to other sites
The site includes links to other sites. Confidentiality of other Web sites or the content, TOMOS not responsible.

3 Choice / Opt
You may terminate receiving our email messages. Just send us e-mail, we will follow your instructions, your name and specific information from TOMOS e-mail list or registration database. Registered users can at any time from TOMOSGROUP.COM customer data center to cancel the operation.

4 asked
If you have this 'privacy statement' there is no doubt - for example, you want to check or update the personal information provided to us - please feel free to contact:

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