Recruitment Process

Recruitment Process

Recruitment process Recruitment process TOMOS

"Our desire is to not only let you get a great job, lets you have a wonderful life and we will provide all necessary, so that you can work productively and live happily." Find Jobs
First, you can view the work of departments, work location, nature, find yourself interested in the vacant position.

When you submit an application, our recruiters will review your qualifications and work experience to determine your suitability for the job candidate. If your circumstances meet the requirements, our recruiters will contact you to further understand your situation and answer on our recruitment process and work-related issues in TOMOS.

Telephone Interview
If your circumstances meet the job requirements. We will, through telephone interviews to further assess your technical skills and experience in order to determine whether you can participate in the interview. Typically, our telephone interviews by the relevant departments TOMOS staff, for about 10-20 minutes.

In our interviews for technical positions in product development, engineering evaluation of the level of the core include: design, development, structure, design patterns and analytical thinking ability. You will see several different teams of engineers from TOMOS, they will give you a comprehensive on TOMOS project team description. Interviewers will ask some of the jobs you are interested in issues related to the field, and ask you to immediately find a solution. Operations and other departments for the interview, we will have the ability to solve problems in areas such as assessment. Remember, answers to questions of right or wrong is not important, we pay more attention to your problem-solving methods and process, innovation is the key.

Recruiting members
Almost every person who participated in TOMOS interview will be conducted at least three job interviews, interview personnel, including management and future colleagues. To ensure a fair recruitment process, we will take full account of each interview's point of view and opinions, which is TOMOS in sustainable development while always adhere to high standards. Of course, this procedure time-consuming, but we believe this effort is worth it. Allow full participation in the recruitment of talented employees in ways that we can find more talent. We are the company's inception, it set up so that positive feedback mode, and now has been a great return.

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According to all the interview results, we will consider you meet the vacancy requirements. TOMOS attaches great importance to the recruitment process, hiring decisions will be based on our views on a consistent basis. Therefore, we will use about two weeks to decide if you can join our team in the past. Please be patient. The final decision once made, that recruiters will contact you. Of course you can always, and our recruiters to maintain communication.
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