Resume and letter

Resume and letter

Resume and cover letter ready to resume submit your resume - basic information
To help us better understand the company you decide to find your most suitable job, follow these simple steps to help us more accurately understand your situation.

Your resume can be submitted PDF, HTML, word document or text format, you can also use plain text format.
Please submit all resumes in English and related materials (such as transcripts, etc.).
In the cover letter and resume are sure to include your name and contact information, including e-mail address, telephone contact and residential address. Please note, such as gender, date of birth, age, family situation and personal identification numbers and other private information you do not need to produce.
Accurately reflected in the resume of your educational background and related academic achievement.

Please include your resume in all participated in the higher education experience, degrees obtained, and each degree obtained by the cumulative average, etc. (Please provide as much).
Just include your resume in the background of university education can be, no middle and high school educational experience. Of course, if you have received in the year overseas studying pre-university education, be stated in the resume.
In college if you have completed a number of important issues involved in research programs or as course work, then please also make a brief description.
Work experience
Whether you are just taken the college, or work experience, performance, striking the workplace elite, we want you to fully demonstrate their abilities and strengths. We will very carefully assess your work experience on the resume this part of the introduction, so this type of information you provide will be very important.

Please list in order that you worked in the past, the institutions, their functions within the scope of work experience, completion of the project and the results obtained and other information.
We would like to see your work for the achievements in the key part of the brief description, and your efforts and contributions to the company what impact.
If in college, you have participated in summer internship program or course work and carried out by short-term, even if these experiences appear with Google will provide potential job opportunities there is no direct contact, we hope you will write it out.
In TOMOS, we attach great importance to talents and wisdom, teamwork and diversity, innovative spirit and idealism. TOMOS staff includes a wide variety of talent --------- former doctor, boxing champion, wrestlers and Lego fans ... so, please tell us your unique it!

Prepare two or three referees names and contact information. Recommended to your mentor, co-workers, supervisors, or any ability to prove your work and expertise of the people. You do not have to prepare a written copy of a letter of recommendation.
Please indicate in your resume you have awards, published articles, conference presentations, or have done. You need to provide awards or published copies of publications, you can just list the list.
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