Pipette and principles of classification

Classification and principles of micro pipette pipette (pipette) first appeared in 1956, by the German Institute for Physiological Chemistry, scientists Schnitger invention, then, in 1958, Eppendorf, Germany began producing button-type micro pipette to become the world's first production of micro pipette company. These micro pipette suction fluid between the range of 1-1000 to 1, for routine clinical chemistry laboratory. Micro pipette to today, not only added more accurate sample, but also a variety of species, such as micro-distributor and multi-channel micro pipette, etc., plus its kind of physics are the following two ways: ① the use of air pad (also known as the piston stroke) of sample; ② use no air cushion piston is moving (positive displacement) of sample. These two different principles of micro pipette has a different specific applications.

Air-cushion pipettes

Piston stroke (air cushion) injectors can be easily used for fixed or adjustable volume of sample liquid, the volume of sample range between less than 1ul to lOml. Injectors in the air cushion effect is to suck in the plastic tip inside the liquid sample and pipette the piston separates the air cushion through the pipette piston-like movement of the spring movement, thereby bringing the tip liquid dead volume and pipetting tip determines the increase in the height of sample in the expansion of this air cushion. Therefore, the piston moves more than the desired volume to absorb the volume to about 2% to 4%, temperature, pressure and air humidity must be on the air cushion pipettes for structural improvement and reduced, making the case in normal does not affect the accuracy of sample. The disposable pipette tip is an important part of the system, its shape, material properties and with the injectors are on the increase of the degree of fit kind of accuracy have a great impact.

Is to move the injector piston

The piston is moving to the principle of the injectors and distributor of air cushion pipettes suffered physical factors, so that, in the air cushion pipettes difficult to apply in the case, the piston is to move the injector can be applied, such as high vapor pressure, high viscosity and density of the liquid is greater than 2.0g/cm3; and if the clinical polymerase chain reaction (PCR) assays, in order to prevent aerosol generation, the best use is to move the piston sampler. Piston is to move the injector tip and the air cushion pipette tip is different, plus it includes an injector piston and piston coupling, which generally produce the piston tip is to move the injector manufacturers supporting the production, not the usual tip or the tip of different manufacturers.

Multi-channel pipette, electronic injectors and distributor

Multi-channel pipette, electronic injectors and distributor for the same principle. Multi-channel pipette is usually 8 or 12-channel, and 8X12 = 96 well microplate the same. Multi-channel pipette can be reduced not only the use of experimental operation of the operator increases the number of samples, but also improve the precision of sample. Electronic injectors and distributor of semi-automatic pipetting system, the electronic pipette of the biggest advantages is its high reproducibility of sample, and wide application.
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