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Product Description

TOMOS  provide long time Pipette OEM


We focus on high-quality life science laboratory equipment, has introduced a new solution, a comprehensive solution at all levels of routine laboratory equipment. Products ranging from basic laboratory equipment such as mini-centrifuge and pipettes, in electronics, with a strong technical force, dedicated to provide customers with tailor-made solutions in the world, a variety of applications.

Our service purpose: to provide the most competitive product!

Our service features: "fast, high, full, seriously, our commitment," and strive to supply the fastest, highest-tech products, the most complete service!

Our mission: do the Chinese instrument industry leader!

Scientific Instrument Co., Ltd. on Hightower Moss since 2004 has been set up production bases in China, always focused on the global scientific instruments OEM service, committed to providing our customers with high quality domestic and laboratory equipment and supporting services.

Brand strength Casting

As an influential leading enterprises in China Pipette OEM, TOMOS at home and abroad for many years the most famous companies and supporting plant materials to maintain continuing professional cooperation to ensure product quality and quality. Met with a number of powerful international instrument to achieve successful strategic partnership, is the industry's leading brand of choice for OEM equipment providers. Not only that, TOMOS also successfully obtained from Germany, Spain, France, Brazil, Russia, the United States, Southeast Asia, Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other countries or regions of the mini-centrifuge OEM orders, equipment OEM in China's leading enterprises to explore international markets person.

Quality and technical achievements

TOMOS stick to the introduction of both absorption and self-developed technology road. Moss scientific instruments above Hightower Taizhou, Ningbo production base, by virtue of their design and development capabilities, for many customers to develop personalized equipment products, cutting-edge technology to actively introduce international instruments, it can be extended into the application of cutting-edge products, quality comparable to international brands comparable. Products include pipettes and centrifuges, supplies and other products. Whether it is to kind of copy, processing, or tailor-made according to customer demand, TOMOS all have mature technology, processes, helping customers with product quality have relatively the largest manufacturers in the industry's competitiveness.

Service to create a reputation

TOMOS service to create value and service throughout the entire life cycle of product sales, and supporting equipment Pipette OEM brand services, including product planning, brand planning, packaging design, procurement, facilities, equipment brand for customers overall output. For different types of customers, but also introduced a variety of professional line of products, conventional products, special products, truly high-quality service to add value to products. Through training and practice grew up of experienced professional team, is TOMOS service basis; through continuous optimization, repeated improvements, continuous PDCA cycle, TOMOS gradually establish a standardized service system, a more humane and personalized service program customer feedback.

TOMOS as a dynamic and innovative, practical work-based instrument industries Pipette OEM business, TOMOS wish is to have the potential to become a visionary company, proud of the achievements of a national brand, the design of equipment for China to go abroad, were Young World.

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