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centrifuge rotor adapter
  • centrifuge rotor adapter specifications
  • 7 * 50ml for rotor: 4 * 750ml
  • centrifuge rotor for models: Sigma, Eppendorf, Helith, Joau other number: 75003638
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Product Description
centrifuge rotor adapter
  adapter is designed for 4 * 750ml 50ml centrifuge rotor tip design of the end of the tube, the product number: 75003638, for Thermo Centrifuges, Heraus centrifuge, Sigma centrifuge, Eppendorf centrifuge.
Product specification is a set of four, each able to put seven holes 50ml conical centrifuge tube.

This adapter is designed to hold the following:
50 mL Conical Tube

These adapters will hold 7 tubes. In other words, each adapter has 7 slots.
Your purchase includes four (4) adapters.
This means you will be able to spin a total of 28 tubes with this purchase.

This Adapter Works with the Following


4 x 750 mL Round Buckets



4 x 750 mL Buckets

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