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Benchtop High Speed Centrifuge 2-16
  • TOMOS High speed centrifuge 2-16 is a table-top type micro capacity centrifuge, its superior quality, optimum functioning and operator friendly features makes it ideal for medical and laboratory use.With brushless DC motor it requires low maintenance.Easy and fast loading,Durable and user friendly product with auto-electric locking system provides protection against imbalances, over speed alarm.
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Product Description

• Durability with higher safety concern: Best in class Stainless steel with Automated Braking System; so that unit can be stop rapidly with safety when cover is opened. Well equipped ventilation systems to protect from overheating.

• Auto balance with Microprocessor control: There is auto-balance function which can reduce the vibration efficiently to achieve standard parameters and help in working steadily.

• Noise and dust free: With the Brushless DC inverter motor, it works in quiet and clean environment, free of maintenance, without dust pollution

• Fluorine free control valve compressor gives high refrigeration speed and high temperature control precision and less noise

Main Specification


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